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At Airscort, we have developed a docking station solution for commercial drones to enable fully autonomous missions. 


Drones have significant potential for commercial applications including agriculture, security, pipe-line monitoring, construction and many others. The problem is that these applications often require hours of air time, while the battery is only able to sustain flight for around 20 minutes. This, and several other factors make the use of drones for commercial applications cumbersome and dependent on pilots who must land, recharge and re-launch the drones.

Our docking station dis-intermediates the pilot and allows for complete mission autonomy by facilitating the drones’ take-off, flight, precision landing, recharging, mission upload and storage. This, of course, both greatly enhances utility and very significantly reduces operational costs.




Our stations recharge the drone's battery between flights so you don't have to.


The autonomous flight is uploaded and controlled entirely by our cloud-based server. 


Our highly durable stations are built to store and protect the drones in all weather conditions.



Our platform re-invents compound and perimeter security with drone-borne security cameras ready to launch at a moment's notice.


Farmers rely heavily on aerial images, but manually operating a drone and flying missions is quite a hassle.

 Airscort kills the hassle. 


Solar panels, wind turbines, pipelines and other installations all need to be inspected. Drones are great for the job but are much better with Airscort. 


The applications for drones are endless. Do you have a unique application? Great! Contact us to find out how to integrate.



After years of R&D, building prototype after prototype, Airscort is happy to announce that the ST-1200 docking station is available and ready to revolutionize the commercial drone industry.

The ST-1200 is the most advanced product we have ever built. It is more compact, reliable and cost effective than any other solution for complete drone autonomy in the world!

Loaded with various sensors, heating/cooling units, millimeter grade precision landing technology and our unique and safe battery re-charging mechanism, the ST-1200 is the ultimate docking station solution for drones.

The ST-1200 was designed, built and manufactured in Israel by our talented team of both hardware and software engineers. Every single detail was taken into consideration when engineering the ST-1200 and the results show for it.


Do you want the ST-1200 for your drone application? Contact us below for a price quote! 




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